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Canadian woman steals back her stolen bike in daring daylight ruse


A Canadian woman stole back her bicycle from a thief after she spotted her stolen ride on Craigslist.


Dean Mouhtaropoulos

A Canadian woman has made headlines recently after she took justice into her own hands and fooled the thief that stole her bike.

Kayla Smith of Vancouver had her bike stolen recently and spotted it for sale in an ad on Craigslist.

She contacted the seller and arranged to meet him at a local McDonald's restaurant. After meeting in the parking lot, Smith said she recognized the bike.

"Holy crap this is my bike," Smith told CBC News. "Like what do I do? And then I was just, like, play dumb."

So she played dumb and asked to ride it around the parking lot. The vendor was reluctant but eventually agreed, saying: "Yeah, but don't take off."

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She hopped on the bike and did just that.

"I just got on it ... and rode away," said Smith.

Though the public was amused, the police were a little more agnostic about her actions.

"Yes we are busy, we go to about 600 calls every day, but we have the ability and the resources available to help victims of crime, and that's what we're there for," Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague said.