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Grizzly bear eats black bear on Banff hiking trail


Researchers said the area of the attack in Sitka, a small community on Baranof Island, was heavily populated with bears.



It's a bear-eat-bear world. At least in Canada.

Officials in Alberta's Banff National Park had to close the Sundance Canyon area earlier this month after a large male grizzly bear ate a black bear in the popular hiking area.

The grizzly known as No. 122 was found feasting on the carcass by a group of hikers.

An investigation later determined the carcass was of a small black bear.

“It had been completely consumed,” Steve Michel, a human wildlife conflict specialist with Banff National Park, told the Calgary Herald. “There was nothing remaining other than a skull, a hide, the four paws and some bones.”

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It's believed to be a predatory attack on the black bear.

Wildlife experts say the black bear was likely foraging along the trail and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The grizzly had about a six-to-one advantage in size.

"We know it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but we're finding out it's a bear-eat-bear world as well," Michel joked to CBC News.

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