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The best of the Russian dash cam

There are times you want your driving to be filmed, and there are times you don’t. For better or worse, dashboard cameras are now recording the driving lives of over a million Russians. Due to the country’s remote roads, high rates of traffic-accidents, and propensity for corruption, Russia has made these small car-cameras legal and affordable

They can be very useful for settling a legal dispute. Other times, less so.

Here are 15 of the best we've found.

1) Bear gets hit by car

2) Half-naked man gets caught

3) Road rage Russian style

4) Cows try to break free 

5) Meteor gets its 15 seconds

6) Man pretends to get hit by car

7) The legend of "Swamp Truck"

8) Drivers outthink traffic jam

9) Man takes shopping cart on highway

10) Insurance fraud revealed

11) Luckiest driver in Russia

12) Babushka removes fender

13) RIP giant deer sculpture

14) "Gangsters" try to catch a car

15) Iron men attempt to destroy a car with their fists