Vice President Joe Biden says son had a successful medical procedure



Beau Biden, the Delaware Attorney General and the son of US Vice President Joe Biden.

Beau Biden, the 44-year-old son of US Vice President Joe Biden and the current Delaware attorney general, has undergone a successful medical procedure, according to his father.

He was reportedly being checked for cancer at a Texas clinic after displaying worrying symptoms.

The Vice President and his wife, Jill, say their son is doing well and will be discharged from the hospital on Thursday. He will be returning home to Delaware.

The younger Biden spent Tuesday at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, joined by his wife, other family members, and his politically prominent father. 

Biden had recently experienced unexplained symptoms, reported the Wilmington News Journal, and came to Texas after seeking treatment at hospitals in Chicago and Philadelphia last week. 

"Beau Biden is being evaluated to determine the cause of an episode of disorientation and weakness that he experienced while on vacation with his family," the White House said in a statement.

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Biden shared this Tweet with his followers on Tuesday:

In 2010, the then 41-year-old Biden experienced what doctors described as a mild stroke, a condition that does not appear related to the current testing he is undergoing in Texas. 

A native of Wilmington, Delaware, and a member of the Democratic Party, Beau Biden is a former army officer who served in Iraq. He has worked as Delaware's attorney general since 2007, and easily won re-election to the post in 2010. 

Although the younger Biden passed up a Delaware Senate race in 2010, his youth and popularity as attorney general in his native state will likely put him in a good position to make the attempt in the near future.