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Angry Chinese bus driver mows down 27 bikers in his way


A Chinese bus driver slammed into 27 bikers after having a really bad day.


Feng Li

An angry bus driver in China mowed down 27 bicyclists and motorcyclists on Wednesday, injuring 27 people, state media reported.

The incident occurred in Shunde City in south China's Guangdong province.

The driver was angry at his company after he was fined 200 yuan ($32) for speeding and then put on leave, CBS News said.

To get revenge, he snuck into a maintenance shop, stole a bus, and ran into one motorbike, 10 mopeds and five bicycles, which were likely in his way.

Two of those injured are in serious condition, the Associated Press said.

Police arrested the bus driver, named Li, for endangering public safety.

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