Kim Jong Un runs out of virgins


North Korean wave flowers as they stand on Kim Il-Sung square during a parade marking the 60th anniversary of the Korean war armistice in Pyongyang. North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is facing a dearth of


Ed Jones

Kim Jong Un is having a tough time finding virgins, reports South Korean media site the Chosun Ilbo.

Kim needs virgins for his dance troupes and "pleasure squads," but growing starvation and poverty compell many women to sell themselves.

From the Ilbo:

... now even university students are turning to prostitution. Their clients are often high-ranking officials. Sexual promiscuity is generally on the rise.

A physical exam for the military draft of 16-year-olds years in Chongjin showed that more than 60 percent of the girls had had sexual experiences ...

Virginity is a prerequisite for the song-and-dance troupes who entertain the North Korean dictator, and the defector said officials had a hard time finding any virgins.

The U.S. has leveled crushing sanctions on North Korea, one following last year's missile test and another this year following the nuclear test.

The results have pushed an already impoverished North Korea deeper into poverty.

The Ilbo reports that many of the women turn "to prostitution to earn a living or make money to buy cosmetics, mobile phones or cover their wedding costs."

As if a lack of virgins wasn't enough of a symbol of the North's crumbling stature, even the missiles they parade around appear to be fake.

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