New York City police seize 254 weapons in record illegal guns bust


Weapons seized by the New York Police Department in the largest illegal guns bust in the city's history are displayed on a table during a press conference on August 19, 2013 in New York City.


Andrew Burton

New York City police have seized 254 firearms in the largest illegal guns bust in the city’s history, authorities announced Monday at a news conference attended by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Police allege two men – Walter Walker and Earl Campbell -- smuggled the weapons into the city on buses from New York, North Carolina and South Carolina.

A total of 19 people were arrested following a 10-month undercover operation.

The guns included high-capacity assault weapons, a fully automatic machine gun and handguns – the models most typically "used to commit violent crimes," Bloomberg said.

Walker and Campbell allegedly hid the weapons in luggage they carried on economy bus lines, that don't require passengers to show identification.

Police say the two men took multiple trips to New York City where they sold the weapons to an undercover police officer, who "made sure the NYPD was Walker's only customer," said Kelly.


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