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Darryle See of Indiana survives being hit by Amtrak train going 110 mph


Amtrak trains in parts of Michigan have been approved to increase their speeds to 110 MPH.


Spencer Platt

Is Darryle See the real "Man of Steel?"

The 22-year-old Indiana man was hit head-on by an Amtrak train traveling 110 mph near Michigan City over the weekend — and survived with only a few broken bones.

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See was listening to music on his headphones while walking on the tracks when he was struck Friday night.

According to police, conductors sounded the horn several times and applied the emergency brakes before See was hit by the locomotive.

See was thrown 20 feet by the impact, but was alert and talking with police at the hospital.

"It was absolutely amazing," police Maj. John Boyd told WMAQ. "I've seen a number of people get hit by trains and it's never a good thing."

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Boyd said he'd never seen someone survive being hit by a train at full speed while on foot.

See's grandmother, Helen Hugley, told the Northwest Indiana Times he "doesn't remember anything until he woke up on the other side of the tracks."

He remained hospitalized Monday with a neck injury and multiple pelvis fractures.