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Zach Hodskins, one-armed basketball player, gets offer from University of Florida


Zach Hodskins, a high school senior from Alpharetta, Ga., has an offer to play basketball with University of Florida next season. That he has only one hand hasn't slowed him down.

What I wouldn’t give to play basketball like Zach Hodskins.

That’s something the high school senior from Alpharetta, Ga., is probably hearing a lot after receiving an offer from University of Florida this week.

It probably wasn’t something he heard a lot growing up, considering he’s missing much of his left arm below the elbow.

Knowing nothing different since birth, it hasn’t slowed him down as many YouTube videos attest. He shoots the ball, passes and dribbles better than most.

“I love when people say things like ‘he’s a ballplayer’ first,” Hodskins told the Associated Press, “before ‘he’s an inspiration’ or ‘overcoming the odds.’”

True, but Hodskins is a qualified inspiration and unique nevertheless.

Not everyone gets the chance to play for the Gators, who offered him “preferred walk-on status.” That means, should he choose Florida, he’ll get a place on the team without a scholarship.

His coach, David Boyd, broke the news on Twitter.

It isn’t his only option, though.

The 6-foot-3 guard has impressed enough scouts that scholarship offers could be coming from University of Alabama-Birmingham and Birmingham Southern.

What I wouldn’t give to have options like Zach Hodskins.