Mexico city rocked by moderate quake


A federal policeman stops the traffic to let people evacuating buildings to cross the street in Mexico City following a strong quake that hit Mexico on March 20, 2012.



Mexico experienced a moderate earthquake on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The US Geological Survey put the quake's initial magnitude at 5.4. No damage or fatalities were immediately reported, said Reuters.

The quake originated about six miles outside of Ometepec in Guerrero state, but it rattled Mexico City, according to Reuters

The sprawling capital city, built on top of drained lake beds, is prone to disaster if struck. The AP said the parts of the foundation "jiggle like jelly when quake waves hit." A high-magnitude quake there in the 1980s killed 6,000 people. 

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera therefore rushed to assure residents they were safe, tweeting: "We've concluded standard examination, no damages or injuries," said Reuters.

Meanwhile, hurricane season has arrived, and many nations are on the watch for potential weather-related problems. A large typhoon recently swept through Asia, leaving at least eight people dead.