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Things rich people do: build buildings on top of other buildings



Beijing Morning News

It took a professor in Beijing six years to manifest his dream, but here it is: a villa on top of an apartment building.

Professor Zhang bought the penthouse in a 26-storey apartment building in the Renji Mountain area of Beijing in 2007.

He then proceeded to clear the 1,000-square-meter space to make way for his rooftop villa. Six years later, the villa is a reality, complete with a rock garden and trees.

Residents nearby appear astonished. Though they suffered through the noise of the construction for years, they told the Beijing Morning Post they were unaware of what the professor was doing and they certainly didn't realize that whatever it was was illegal. 

According to the Shanghaiist

Inspectors from the local urban management unit came to examine the building and interview tenants last month. "This is definitely an illegal construction, we have issued notice to Professor Zhang, but do not know how to go forward in this case."

Demolition of Zhang's rooftop palace will ironically have to go through examination and approval procedures before it goes ahead, the exact formalities that the professor avoided during construction.

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