Republican super PAC's 'Slap Hillary' game condemned (VIDEO)


A screengrab from the "Slap Hillary" online game created by a GOP political action committee that's causing controversy.



Slap Hillary Clinton?

A Republican super PAC wants you to in an online game being condemned by the GOP and Democrats alike.

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Called "Slap Hillary," the game by super PAC The Hillary Project encourages users to smack an image of the former secretary of state across the face.

Visitors can push buttons to play audio of Clinton speaking, then slap her mid-stream.

The Republican National Committee said the game was "in poor taste" on Monday, after a Democratic group released a petition calling on the RNC to condemn it.

"Clearly any game encouraging people to slap anyone is in poor taste. It was when the Democrats used Sarah Palin as the target and it is now with Hillary Clinton," RNC spokeswoman Kirstan Kukowski told ABC News.

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The game mimics a "Slap Palin" game from 2008 aimed at then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

In addition to "Slap Hillary," the super PAC site also features a more benign "Dancing Hillary"game, and "Street Fight: Obama vs. Hillary," which allows users to pretend to fight as one of the Democrats.

According to the Washington Examiner, the treasurer of The Hillary Project is a one-time supporter of conservative Rick Santorum.