Man kills son, himself at New Hampshire YWCA


A tribal police officer was shot dead and two sheriff's deputies wounded Jan. 26, 2013, while responding to a house fire in southern Louisiana.


Christopher Furlong

A man killed his son and then himself on Sunday at a New Hampshire Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) office during a supervised visitation, while an adult counselor present in the room escaped with his life. 

The shooter was 54-year-old Muni Savyon, writes the Boston Globe, who shot 9-year-old Joshua Savyon "several times" at the YWCA facility — where Sundays are set aside for child custody exchanges and supervised family visits. 

The shooting took place around 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, while an adult counselor was present in the room. The adult counselor managed to escape, and police quickly surrounded the area, writes the Associated Press.

Muni Savyon — estranged from the child's mother — had made previous murder threats, and appears to have been depressed after returning from a brother's funeral in Israel. 

He was known locally for his attempts at starting a political career, writes WMUR, noting that he had run three times for state representative as a Republican, and was active in local Libertarian groups. 

"What would provoke him to take his life and his son's life? I don't think anyone can figure that out," said Rabbi Levi Krinsky of Chabad Lubavitch in Manchester to the AP. "My heart goes out to the family."

Krinsky, who had seen Savyon last week, did not suspect that he was suicidal, he told the Boston Globe. "He was clearly spaced, his eyes were not focused on me," Krinsky said to the news agency.

"He was just very broken, which I thought was directly related to his brother's passing. Did I think he was suicidal? No. Did I think he was dangerous? Not in the slightest. Apparently this is what he was thinking. End it all."