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Toronto mayor Rob Ford back in the spotlight for public drunkenness (VIDEO)


Toronto mayor Rob Ford watches the Toronto Blue Jays MLB game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 24, 2013 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Tom Szczerbowski

Although the alleged crack video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford never did surface, we've had to settle for second best: drunk photo-ops during a Greek food festival.

Last Friday, Ford was spotted by residents of Greektown in east Toronto walking the streets, seemingly without escort or security.

The mayor stopped to greet curious onlookers and have his picture taken with fans.

Though that part wasn't particularly unusual for the populist mayor who is famous for his direct contact with voters, his behavior did appear rather erratic.

In Youtube videos, the mayor is shown holding a Tim Horton's coffee cup — he is Canadian, of course — and mumbling about partying and not driving.

The mayor was shown stumbling and slurring his speech, repeating the word "party" over and over.

Unlike the unproven crack allegations, this time the mayor owned up to his intoxication.

"Did I have a couple of beers? Absolutely I had a couple of beers. But you know what, I had a good time," Ford said on his Sunday radio show, according to the Toronto Star.

"I think things are getting blown out of proportion."

His brother, city councilor Doug Ford defended the mayor, playing up his populist credentials.

"Rob and I are average guys," he said on the show that he hosts with his brother. "We go down to a festival, we have a couple of beers, you get everyone on you."

Doug later claimed he doesn't actually drink.