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Meet China's watermelon kids


Watermelons are displayed for sale in Shanghai on July 16, 2013.



Don't look too hard for a motive. Just enjoy.

In late July, according to Xinhua, the first of China's watermelon kids made his debut in Wenzhou. Pic below:

These Are China's Watermelon Kids

As soon as the photos surfaced online, other watermelon kids started to follow suit (h/t kotaku):

These Are China's Watermelon Kids

Not every child is happy the minute he puts on his watermelon suit:


But soon he will be very happy:


And if you get bored of dressing your child in a just a regular watermelon, you can try variations on a theme:

These Are China's Watermelon Kids

What's next? So long as China's heatwave persists, how about a watermelon bikini? Anyone?