Shanghai heatwave drives people into subway


People take shelter from the heat in the entrance of a subway station in Shanghai on July 31, 2013. More than 10 people have died in China's commercial hub, a local health official said as the city swelters in its highest temperatures for at least 140 years.


Peter Parks

Almost 400 people have been camping out a Shanghai Metro station, making use of the air conditioning that many don't have at home, Shanghaiist reports, hoping to beat a horrible heatwave that has hit the city.

Looking at pictures, the people at Xingzhong Road station appear to have planned ahead, bringing cardboard and sheets to lie on. Amazingly, the station seems to be pretty cool about it — though a Shanghai Metro spokesperson did ask that those enjoying the A/C refrain from drinking, smoking or playing cards.

It may seem like extreme behavior, but the weather may well merit it. The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang reports that Shanghai saw its hottest July in 140 years, with temperatures soared to 100ºF or higher for 10 straight days between July 23 and August 1. All across China's east record temperatures are being set.

These photos, shared to Weibo, capture the scene:

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