Lebanon claims two Israeli soldiers wounded by blast within its borders


Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.


Michael Luongo

Lebanon claims that an Israeli pedestrian patrol that had penetrated within its territory was hit by a bomb early Wednesday, injuring some of the party in an affair that is now under investigation. 

According to Lebanon's National News Agency, the Israeli forces crossed the "Blue Line" near the Labboneh border area and then penetrated 400 meters into Lebanese territory prior to the blast, in what was deemed a "new violation of the Lebanese sovereignty." 

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A Lebanese army official told Al Jazeera that the explosive in question was a landmine, and that the military has launched an investigation of the incident. 

Four IDF soldiers were "lightly to moderately" injured in the blast, wrote the Jerusalem Post,  which noted that the soldiers were evacuated to a hospital for treatment, and that no other details were forthcoming from IDF sources. 

An Israeli military spokesman told Reuters that the wounded soldiers were involved in "an activity near the border" but declined to elaborate any further on the matter. 

According to the Post, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented Wednesday of the incident that "there is something in common between the South and the North and all the fronts, and that is IDF soldiers who will defend us and our borders. That's what happened last night and we will continue to act responsibly to defend the borders of Israel."

Since the 2006 Hezbollah war, which killed about 1,200 Lebanese and about 160 Israelis, Israel has carried out regular patrols of the mostly-quiet border with Lebanon.

However, the area remains "heavily guarded and volatile," according to the Associated Press.