Iraq: Bombings in and near Baghdad kill more than 50

A series of explosions in Iraq's capital Baghdad killed more than 50 people on Tuesday and left dozens injured, local officials told Reuters

One of the worst was a car bombing right before sundown at a market near Nahrwan, a suburb of the capital, officials told the Associated Press, saying six people were killed in the blast.

A total of four car bombings and roadside blasts were reported in four areas of the capital towards evening, when people are normally out shopping for food to break their Ramadan fast, officials told CNN.

Tuesday's violence comes several days after Iraqi authorities launched a new anti-extremist initiative called "The Revenge for the Martyrs," which seeks to identify Al Qaeda operatives near the capital, said CNN. Hundreds of people have reportedly been arrested as part of the operation.

Iraq has seen a major increase in violence in recent months, with more than 1,000 Iraqis being killed in July. According to the United Nations mission in Baghdad, that makes July the most violent month in more than five years.

The country has also been on a security alert since a prison break last month, which reportedly allowed hundreds of criminals and militants, including senior members of Al Qaeda, to escape.

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