Over the past month we received more than 300 entries to our Battle of the High School Bands contest, from '80s power pop to indie-folk. We had to find out the story behind "Debutantes in Bondage" by the '70s punk band The Welders. → Listen to our High School Bands Mixtape: Volume I below Kelly Draper was the guitarist for the Welders, but her band name was Rusty Welder – "we were sort of taking after the Ramones," she explains. Four 13-year-old girls started playing music in St. Louis in 1975. "We knew we liked music and the Marx Brothers" she says. So even as they got older and started playing punk rock, The Welders' songs maintained a sense of humor. Sung from the perspective of a teenage socialite, "Debutantes in Bondage" satirizes unwanted sexual attention from men in the street: "We were kind of the anti-Runaways."   As I was making my social debutI was abducted and held by youI'm sure this is a social tabooJust wait 'til daddy gets a hold of you In 2010 a St. Louis label reissued songs by some of the city's punk bands, including The Welders' four-song single. "We were really surprised by how well received [it] was," says Draper. "Because at the time we recorded those songs we didn't feel like it was being appreciated."   Studio 360's High School Band Mixtape, Volume I: → Listen to Volume II  

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