Binge drinking a la francaise: Beuverie Express makes its appearance in the French vocabulary


Chilean researchers hope a simple jab could help cure alcoholism, which is a major problem in the South American country.



Binge drinking was once something reserved for those uncivilized Anglo-Saxons but in what may be a sign of the times, France has created its own word for the antisocial practice: beuverie express.

The absurd translation - "express drinking" - was approved this week by the French culture ministry.

The French language commission defined the term rather euphemistically by saying it means: "the massive absorption of alcohol, generally in a group, aimed at provoking drunkenness in the minimum amount of time".

Massive, in this case, means about four to five drinks in two hours. The study doesn't say what drinks but we can safely assume it's wine.

It is unclear how much French people binge drink but from personal observations, it is likely much less than their neighbors to the north.

That said, it is believed that excessive consumption of alcohol accounted for about 49,000 deaths in 2009.

Also, those under 16 in France admitted to having been drunk at least once while 10 percent say they get drunk regularly with their friends.