Florida gunman, 6 hostages dead in apartment shooting (VIDEO)

A man holding hostages in a Miami-area apartment killed six people early Saturday before police stormed the building and shot him dead.

The man barricaded himself in an apartment building in Hialeah, a Miami suburb, following an argument with the husband and wife who owned the complex, according to Reuters.

The couple was shot dead in the eight-hour standoff, their daughter told CBS.

"I heard about 15 to 20 shots, and so I went outside, and my neighbors were screaming that my parents have been shot," Shamira Pisciotti said.

Police found their bodies and the bodies of four other people after they moved in and shot the suspect dead, the Miami Herald reported.

One man was shot and killed walking his children into an apartment across the street.

Police said he may have died from a stray bullet, according to CNN.