30,000 bees swarm Texas couple, stinging their horses to death


A pictures shows bees at an apiary near the central Gaza Strip refugee camp of Bureij on April 19, 2010.



Tens of thousands of bees swarmed a Texas home late Wednesday, killing two horses, five hens and injuring the couple residing there, according to CBS News

The swarm, estimated at 30,000 strong, stung Kristen Beauregard some 200 times and her boyfriend about 50 times, according to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram

The bees also attacked the couple's two miniature horses, Trump and Chip, stinging them so many times that they died, said the Telegram

The horses “looked like they were moving because they were so covered in bees,” a tearful Beauregard told the Telegram. “It just looked like they were shimmering because the bees were on them and stinging them.”

Where the bees came from and what kind they are is not yet known. Authorities are testing to see if they are Africanized (AKA "killer") bees, said CBS

“They were chasing us down, they were following us,” Beauregard, 44, told the Telegram. She had jumped in the pool in an attempt to escape. “It was like a bad movie," she said later. 

The couple called 911 and firefighters came to the scene to fight the bees, but were unable to save the animals, according to CBS. The attack took place in Pantego, Texas.