Pakistan: Multiple bombs kill at least 45 in Parachinar


At least 45 people were killed and 75 injured when multiple bombs exploded in Parachinar on Friday. The northern town is located in the Kurram tribal area that borders Afghanistan to the west.

Pakistani newspaper the News put the death toll at 50.

Most of the victims died in two blasts that hit close to two mosques in Parachinar's market. The bombs also destroyed as many as 12 cars and several shops.

Earlier on Friday, two people were killed when a bomb hit a passenger vehicle traveling on the road to Parachinar.

The market bombs went off in a significantly Shia area as people were busy shopping in preparation for breaking their daily fast during Ramadan.

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“The first explosion was caused by a suicide bomber,” Riaz Mehsud, a senior government official in Parachinar, told the New York Times. “We don’t know as yet as what caused the second bombing.”

Police spokesman Fazal Naeem Khan said one of the market bombs was thought to have been planted on a motorcycle.

Bodies quickly overtook Parachinar's hospital as the wounded in the blasts sought medical attention.

"We have no place to keep the wounded," said Zahid Hussain, a doctor at the hospital. "Many of them are lying on the hospital floor and on the lawn."

The Shia area is often subject to attacks by Sunni militant groups. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the two market explosions in Parachinar.

Shiite leaders announced there would be a three-day mourning period.