What has six arms, dense distortion, double-bass drumming, and a combined age of 35? The metal band Unlocking the Truth, who made their radio debut on Studio 360. The Brooklyn trio comprises 12-year-old guitarists Malcolm Brickhouse, 12-year-old bassist Alec Atkins, and 11-year-old drummer Jarad Dawkins. They are the youngest guests Kurt Andersen has interviewed on the program – and the slayingest. Brickhouse and Dawkins have been playing music together since kindergarten. Although hip-hop is the dominant music at school and in the neighborhood, they come to metal honestly. "My dad used to take us to watch wrestling shows and we used to watch animated music videos," Brickhouse tells Kurt. "The background music was heavy metal. I was surrounded by heavy metal." Their originals have lyrics (about "drugs, and relationships, and stuff – and being free"), but no one in the band will sing them. The trio's debut EP will be released later this summer and young as they are, the members see a long future in rock. Brickhouse says he'll be banging out vicious licks "until I die", while Dawkins is more pragmatic; "I'll retire at about 70 years old." For now, the trio has more pressing problems than what to do in retirement: they enter the seventh grade in September.   Video: "Escape" live in Studio 360

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