A girl drinks a bottle of the malt beverage Pony Malta in Bogota November 14, 2012. SABMiller Plc is brewing strong growth in pockets of Latin America with non-alcoholic malt drinks that expand the beer maker's target audience beyond adults and mark baby steps into a soft drink market dominated by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. REUTERS/Fredy Bogota (COLOMBIA - Tags: BUSINESS)



A revised edition of Mark Pendergrast's history of "For God, Country and Coca Cola" has been re-released. In the book he details the politics of where coke has and has not been available worldwide over its 120-year history.

Author Mark Pendergrast's history of Coca-Cola, "For God, Country and Coca Cola" has been re-released this summer.

In his book, Pendergrast details the politics behind the ubiquitous fizzy beverage global rise and where Coke has and has not been available worldwide over its 120-year history.

And yes, it even includes a peek at Coke's "secret recipe."

Below we've posted more of our conversation with Pendergrast where he discusses Coke's marketing flubs through the years and the soft drink's presence in Nazi Germany.

  • An elderly Arab man tries the first Palestinian Coke productin Palestinian-ruled Ramallah August 1. The Palestinian producer of Coca Cola products began distributing soft drinks in the West Bank and Gaza on Saturday in Coke's first partnership with a private Palestinian firm. Coca Cola's Israeli bottler previously supplied the Palestinian market.

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