Missouri senator questions if liberalism a 'mental disorder' (VIDEO)

Liberals are accused of many things, but being mentally ill?

Brian Nieves, a state senator in Missouri, questioned whether liberalism was a "mental disorder" during a heated discussion Monday over a photo of a large gun he posted on Facebook.

The Riverfront Times first reported the incident.

Nieves, the state Senate's majority whip who has accused Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon of "b*tch slapping the Constitution," wrote:

"Barry... I honestly wonder, and I'm being sincere about this, if liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. A person commits a heinous crime, the kind we hear about in the news, and they are not allowed to be executed but an innocent baby who is wrapped in the comfort of his/her mother's womb — having been created by God — can be literally ripped apart, viciously murdered, and this "Man of God" supports it?!?!?! WOW!!"

This from a guy who was also once accused of threatening to kill a political rival's aide.

Sean Soendker Nicholson, executive director of the progressive advocacy group Progress Missouri, told The Huffington Post that Nieves "should think twice before accusing anyone else of mental instability."

Nieves could not immediately be reached for comment.