Morsi's family accuses army of 'kidnapping' ousted Egyptian president

The family of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi accused the army Monday of "kidnapping" him when they removed him from office earlier this month.

Morsi's daughter Shaimaa, his son Osama, and his youngest son Abdallah were present at a press conference, where they denounced the "illegal detention" of their father following his removal on July 3.

In the first statement from Morsi's family since he was ousted, Shaimaa said the family is taking legal measures against the army, specifically defense minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

"As the family of the president and citizen Mohamed Morsi, we hold the leader of the coup — Sisi — and his group accountable for our father's and our president's health and overall condition. We are in the process of taking legal action through international and local courts against the person of Sisi and those aiding him in the coup," she told reporters.

Morsi's son Osama said, "What is going on is a violation of human rights and a scandal in every sense of the word."

The deposed Islamist president has not been seen or heard from since the army took power in what many, including Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood party, are labeling a coup.

Meanwhile, officials from the interim government said Morsi was being held for his own protection.

A revision of Egypt's constitution is reportedly already under way, and the military wants to hold new elections within the next six months.