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Beer guzzling contest in Spain leads to champion's death


Beer and bikinis will be on offer in the town formerly known as Bankersmith.



A Spanish man is dead after winning a beer drinking competition, having drunk six liters in 20 minutes.

Joaquin Alcaraz Gracia likely suffered alcohol poisoning and went into cardiac arrest.

Onlookers said the 45-year-old began vomiting after the contest was finished and never recovered.

Ambulances rushed him to hospital but they were too late.

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There were reports that both the contest organizers and the mayor of the town Gea y Truyols tried to downplay the possibility that alcohol played a role in the death.

The mayor was reported to have said that the man only drunk 3 liters of beer - if that's the case, many of us are champions each weekend.

The competition has been held in the Murcia region for the last 15 years. Contestants have 20 minutes to guzzle as much beer as they can.