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Motown Rocks: 26 Detroit musicians who kick out the jams

Marvin Gaye, Eminem, Iggy Pop and Madonna.

In addition to defining the sounds of their respective decades, all these musical greats have another thing in common: they're all from Detroit.

Yes, despite economic ruin, America's "worst city" has produced some of the most influential musicians from the last 60 years. Kick out the jams and boogie chillen, Detroit rocks!

Detroit's musical legacy spans decades and genres including boisterous anthems of rebellion, timeless soul classics and incisive critiques of income inequality.

The place has always pioneered music — and done so in a way that is very Detroit. 

From three high school students inventing techno in their basements to an unemployed ex-boxer borrowing $800 to found the legendary record label that would define 60s soul music (and plenty more), Detroit has approached music with gritty determination and fearless innovation. 

To all those Detroiters and others feeling gloomy about this week's bankruptcy news, crank these 26 Motor City anthems to remember why Detroit rocks. Still.