When we talk about a '60s influence on a band, usually we're thinking of something a little psychedelic with heavy guitar effects, or a rough-edges garage sensibility. Radiation City finds its '60s influence farther back, in the girl-group harmonies and lush production of early-'60s pop hits, and the bossa nova recordings of Astrud Gilberto. The band's dreamy sound echoes Phil Spector, but also the sprawling sonic landscapes of their modern contemporaries Grizzly Bear. That intersection of myriad influences is realized on Animals in The Median, the band's second record. Live in our studio, the band plays "Foreign Bodies" and "L.A. Beach." The band won't explain their name, but they are something of an unstable element, containing two romantic couples and one odd man out. "We like danger," guitarist Cameron Spies jokes with Kurt Andersen. "We like to think that if something catastrophic does happen, we'll be able to carry on. Put the band first." Spies is involved with vocalist Lizzy Ellison, while drummer  Randy Bemrose  dates multi-instrumentalist Patti King. That leaves bassist Matt Rafferty alone to "play the rock star," Kurt notes. "There's nothing 'playing' about it, Kurt," Rafferty says.    Bonus Track: "Lark" live in Studio 360    Video: "Foreign Bodies" live in Studio 360