John Kerry still on the road for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks


US Secretary of State John Kerry, left, speaks with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas at the World Economic Forum at the King Hussein Convention Centre in Jordan on May 26, 2013.



United States Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Jordan on Tuesday to continue his diplomatic press for renewed peace talks between Israel and Palestine that have stalled since 2010. 

It's Kerry's sixth trip to the Middle East in six months, and so far official talks between all parties has been elusive, though Kerry will resume his efforts in meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Jordanian leaders and Arab League delegates.

In a background conference call with reporters, a senior State Department official repeated what State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki had previously told the media: Kerry's talks with the Arab League would be similar to the one that took place in April, in that he would provide members with updates on the peace process.

"One of the things that we find, and he finds in his individual engagements with... his Arab colleagues is that they would like to have this update as part of the... Peace Initiative Committee," the senior State Department officer said.

"He undertook to meet with them on a fairly regular basis, and he wants to make good on that undertaking, and this seemed to be a good opportunity for him to do that," the official added.

Since Kerry took office in February, he has made a peace deal one of his top priorities.

The secretary is also scheduled to meet with officials on the unrest in Egypt and the Syrian civil war.