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Remembering Nadezhda Popova, A Soviet Combat Pilot and WWII 'Night Witch'


A damaged and abandoned Po-2 forced to land in Ukraine, and captured by German troops, 1941. This is the type of plane flown by Nadia Popova.(Photo: Wiki Commons/German National Archives - Bundesarchiv, Bild 169-0112 / CC-BY-SA)

Russia is mourning the loss of one its World War II heroes.

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Nadezhda (Nadia) Popova passed away in Moscow on July 8, aged 91.

Popova was awarded numerous medals, including the prestigious "Hero of the Soviet Union."

She was a combat aviator, a bomber pilot who flew over 850 missions. She and her comrades were known by the Germans as the "Night Witches."

By contrast, most US bomber pilots were rotated out of combat if they survived 25 missions.

Amy Goodpaster Strebe met and profiled Popova for her 2009 book, "Flying for Her Country: The American and Soviet Women Military Pilots of World War II."

"It was like meeting a rock-star." says Strebe. "Not only was she an amazing pilot, but such a courageous warrior."

She says Nadia was a pioneer for women, for being able to fly for her country in this capacity.

We also found some video footage to share with you:

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    Nadezhda Popova at an official reception in 2009. (Photo: Wiki Commons/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office)