Third victim in Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco identified

A third victim from the Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed in San Francisco last weekend died on Friday.

The girl was identified by the San Mateo County coroner on Saturday as 15-year-old Wipeng Liu, KPTV reported.

There are still six passengers from Flight 214 hospitalized, including two in critical condition, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Many of the 60 initially treated have been released.

Friday evening San Francisco International Airport released a statement announcing they had reopened Runway 28L after removing the flight's wreckage and making repairs.

There were no problems with the first plane to land, a Southwest Airlines flight.

Also on Friday, local police confirmed one of the two Chinese girls killed on the day of the crash was run over by a fire truck.

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“The passenger was underneath the fire retardant foam and when the fire truck repositioned itself to battle the flames aboard the fuselage, the passenger victim was discovered in the tire track of the fire truck,” San Fran police representative Albie Esparza told Reuters.

Police don’t know, however, if she was already dead when she was hit. Results of an autopsy are expected in two weeks.

Ye Meng Yuan, the girl run over, and Wang Linjia died in the crash. They were friends and both 16, USA Today said.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Seoul to San Fran crash-landed because it wasn’t flying fast enough.

Its tail hit the seawall, spinning it on the runway and starting a fire. More than 180 of the 307 passengers and crew were hurt.

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