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Fifteen injured by falling tree at California marine depot


Frost-covered trees near the central German city of Kassel.



A falling tree injured several people at a San Diego marine depot Thursday morning, when the 12-foot-tall eucalyptus crashed to the ground during an event for the parents of new recruits. 

The tree fell as family members gathered to watch the recruits go by in a "motivational run" near the depot's main parade deck, injuring 15 and causing two people to be taken to hospital.

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An 8-year-old girl and a 77-year-old woman were taken to a hospital for observation, reported the Associated Press, but the other victims of the wayward plant suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. 

The recruits at MCRD were due to graduate on Friday. 

It's unclear why the tree fell as there was no wind or rain during the time of the accident, although earlier root damage could be the culprit. 

Marine Corps Recruitment Depot staff will be going around the facility and identifying other teetering trees to prevent a repeat performance, wrote NBC San Diego. 

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