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Everything you need to know about Sharknado

LOS ANGELES — In case you were blissfully unaware of its existence, Sharknado is the new Snakes on a Plane.

The Syfy made-for-TV movie premiered late Thursday night and by Friday morning it was all anyone on the internet wanted to talk about.

To its new fans, the disaster flick starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering is the perfect mix of camp, B-list actors and, of course, murderous sharks.

The plot goes like this: a bunch of sharks get sucked up into a tornado and ravage tourists and residents alike in the fair city of Los Angeles.

Here's the trailer in case you missed it:

Twitter couldn't resist the B-movie glory and during the premiere both #sharknado and #TaraReid were trending.

At its peak late Thursday night, #sharknado clocked in about 5,000 tweets per minute.


Even the film's creators couldn't resist getting in on the #sharknado action.

"If youre looking for one dimensional characters, terribly inconstant lighting, & sharks getin thrown out of tornadoes I recommend #SharkNado," said filmmaker Brian Naughton.

Time's TV critic James Poniewozik leaves us with this gem: (spoiler alert)

Maybe all you really need to know about Sharknado–and God help me, but I will spoiler-alert this for people who haven’t seen it yet–is that in the climax, Ziering’s character faces a flying shark, gets swallowed whole, then chainsaws his way out of its belly, freeing a character who was just eaten by the same shark while falling from a helicopter. The perfect closing title: "fin."

Despite all the attention, Sharknado didn't exactly break any ratings records.

Only an estimated 1 million viewers caught the action live. That's pretty dismal even for a made for TV movie.

But never fear, you'll have another chance to get in on the Sharknado action. Syfy has already scheduled a repeat showing for July 18.

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