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Senior charged after teaching 11-year-old neighbor to drive, run errands

How many times have you heard seniors complain about kids these days who have nothing to do?

Apparently that was the case for a 68-year-old Canadian woman, who decided she was going to give her 11-year-old neighbor a job.

The trouble is, you have to be 16 before you can become a chauffeur in Canada.

The woman faces charges this week after police pulled over a car driven by a “very young-looking” young boy in Hamilton, Ont., CBC News reported.

The elderly woman was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

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She needed him to drive her to complete an “array of errands,” Const. Debbie McGreal-Dinning told CBC.

“They didn't pull the car over because of the way the vehicle was operating, they just observed the fact that the driver looked young,” she said.

The woman received two tickets — allowing a minor to drive, and driving without insurance, CBC said.

Police drove the boy home to his parents, the Canadian Press reported.

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