Tropical storm Chantal: Caribbean braces for storm (VIDEO)

Tropical storm Chantal is headed toward the Caribbean, with forecasters warning it could reach hurricane strength by Wednesday, according to The Christian Science Monitor

Storm winds registered at 45 miles per hour near Barbados as of late Monday, said the Monitor, but the Associated Press said it had reached nearly 60 miles per hour and was headed west-northwest at a speed of 29 miles per hour, according to the US National Hurricane Center in Miami. 

In coming days it is expected to hit the the mountains of Hispaniola, a tiny land nestled between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as Cuba, said the Monitor.

The storm could wreak havoc in the region, where many nations are susceptible to landslides and flooding. 

The Dominican Republic has already issued a hurricane watch for parts of the nation, according to the AP

Watch the latest from CBS here: