Suicide bombings kill at least 14 in Afghanistan

At least 14 people are dead in Afghanistan Friday after two suicide blasts.

A dozen policemen in southern Afghanistan were killed while at lunch when a man dressed in uniform detonated a suicide vest.

Another bombing occurred at a border crossing with Pakistan in Kandahar province, where a suicide bomber blew himself up killing a border guard and civilian.

Dawn reported that the number of dead was six Afghan border security with another 19 sustaining injuries.

The newspaper also reported that Afghan border commander Akhtar Muhammad had also been killed in the explosion.

The bombing injured both Pakistanis and Afghans waiting at the border.

Friday's attack on the police may have been aided by an insider with ties to militant groups. The attacks fit the pattern of the Taliban who have targeted Afghan security forces in a bid to sow fear and discontent as NATO troops wind down their mission.

The New York Times said that the bomber may have been invited in to the compound or simply entered.

The newspaper quoted an Afghan official who said:

“The compound is poorly guarded, and locals get in and out of the building with minimum security checks.”

Nobody had taken responsibility for the attacks Friday.