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Beijing woman jumps in front of train, survives unharmed

An unidentified Beijing woman jumped in front of a moving subway train and, miraculously, crawled out onto the platform seemingly unharmed on Thursday.

And there's video, of course.

Chinese media spoke with a witness identified by a single name, Lee, who recorded the incident. He said the woman jumped onto the tracks at Guomao Station only "two to three meters" before the train passed.

When the train finally stopped, the woman emerged onto the tracks as the subway's staff yelled for her to beware of what was likely a third rail.

“Stay still! Beware of electrical shock,” officials shouted.

When the woman stood on the platform she is reported to have yelled, "Impossible. It's impossible," before being taken away by police.

“Didn’t hit her,” a bystander is reported to have said, as the police attempted the impossible by asking people to stop filming.

Watch the video here: