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Smoke And Fire Around The World


T-bone steak grilled directly in the embers (Photo: Steve Raichlen)

This Geo Quiz is aimed at all of you who've ever sweated behind a hot smoky grill.

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Maybe you're searing steaks, flipping burgers or getting creative with homemade shish kabobs.

The point is you're cooking over fire. But it's not just an American tradition, you can find it the world over.

But where on Earth would you come across grilled icecream?

Well, one place is in the easternmost of the Caucasus Mountain republics. The one we're specifically looking for is bordered by Armenia, Russia, Iran, and the Caspian Sea.

So where do locals enjoy coconut-crusted ice cream balls grilled shish kebab-style over blistering hot charcoal?

The answer is Azerbaijan.

That's according to Steve Raichlen. He has traveled to more than 50 countries in search of the best flame cooked meals. He is author of Planet Barbecue and his story, The World On A Grill appears in Saveur.

So what's the secret to grilling ice cream? Raichlen says he watched a grill master Azerbaijan skewer frozen balls of ice cream, crusted with beaten egg and shredded coconut, and then sear them over the fire.