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A Chance to See the Real Chinese Imperial Palace


Forbidden City Courtyard, Beijing (Photo: Wiki Commons)

For his next international vacation, listener Zach Turner from Austin, Texas by way of KUT, is bound for China.

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"So far as as the Chinese language goes all I have so far is xie xie and ni hao and that is it," Turner says. "But I'm sure it will create much entertainment for the Chinese people that I meet and hopefully they'll correct me and understand what I'm saying."

During his 10-day excursion, Zach says he hopes to checkout street food, sample Peking Duck, walk along the Great Wall, and he wants to visit China's Imperial palace.

For Tuesday's listener submitted Geo Quiz, that's the place we want you to name.

For 500 years, from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, it served as the home of China's emperors.

This imperial palace complex is surrounded by imperial gardens.

Inside there are said to half a million pieces of exquisite jade and porcelain, 50,000 paintings and more than a 1,000 18th & 19th century clocks.

So can you name this massive imperial palace in the heart of Beijing?

Geo Quiz listeners Zach Turner is headed soon to see China's Forbidden City in Beijing, the answer to the Geo Quiz.

Hear why Zack Turner is taking breaks from his job in medical technology and his hobby of writing science fiction novels – and is heading off soon to explore China.

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    The Beijing Palace-City Scroll (?????), now held in the National Museum of China, Beijing. Painted in the mid-Ming Dynasty (c. 15th century), depicting figures including the chief architects of the Forbidden City. (Photo: Wiki Commons)