Egypt's Morsi admits mistakes as nation braces for June 30 opposition protest

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi addressed critics on Wednesday, admitting errors have been made during his one-year term and promising "radical and quick" reforms, said the Associated Press

His remarks came in a national speech made in Cairo on Wednesday, days before the opposition plans to demand his resignation through a major rally on June 30. 

"Today, I present an audit of my first year, with full transparency, along with a road map," Morsi said, according to Al Jazeera. "Some things were achieved and others not. I have made mistakes on a number of issues." 

"The enemies of Egypt have not spared effort in trying to sabotage the democratic experience," he said at another point, reported Al Jazeera. It was not immediately clear whom the Egyptian leader was referring to.

At any rate, the nation seems to be headed toward fresh turmoil, with deadly clashes reported in the city of Mansoura earlier Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, Egypt's Journalists Syndicate announced they will be holding a June 30 freedom of expression demonstration in solidarity with a massive opposition rally planned that same day, while the Egyptian army is said to be moving reinforcements into major cities in anticipation of a charged political event. 

The "Tamarod" (rebel) group is calling for the Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi to step down after a year in power. Morsi is expected to address the nation later Wednesday, reported the Associated Press

The opposition group said last week that 15 million people had signed their petition to hold new presidential elections, the idea being to outnumber the 13.2 million that voted Morsi into power, according to Egypt's Ahram Online

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In a statement, the Journalist's Syndicate said it support the rights of the Egyptian people to "peacefully express their demands" and said the media organization will hold a rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square "supporting freedom of the press and freedom of expression on the same day," according to the Egypt Independent

The group will also run a hotline for any complaints during the opposition-led June 30 rally in light of the "assault on freedom of opinion and freedom of expression" under Morsi's administration, said the Independent.

Meanwhile, military officials on Wednesday told the AP that more troops are being sent to areas near Egyptian cities in preparation for the event.