Clashes in Egypt's Mansoura leave at least one dead, many injured

Violent clashes in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura killed at least one person and injured scores of Egyptians on Wednesday, just hours before President Mohamed Morsi's big speech, said Egypt's Ahram Online

The unrest also came days before a massive opposition rally scheduled for June 30, an event that has authorities so concerned that they are already sending military reinforcements near major cities.  

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It was not immediately clear what started the violence in Mansoura, but Egyptian state television said security forces resorted to teargas to try and disperse the crowds, according to Ahram Online

Khaled El-Khatib of the local health ministry identified the person killed as Abdel-Hamid Sadek and said he died of birdshot wounds, reported Ahram Online

Figures ranged on the number of people injured — Reuters said 90, Russia Today had 160, while Ahram Online said 225, citing an unnamed health ministry source.

Organizers of the June 30 rally are calling for Morsi's removal and fresh elections to be held exactly a year after the Muslim Brotherhood-backed leader was voted into office. 

Morsi is expected to address their concerns in his speech late Wednesday.