The Los Angeles skyline during twilight, Aug. 21, 2013.

This past Friday, GlobalPost's Kaitlin Funaro took us out for a very stylish cocktail hour in the City of Angels.

Kaitlin began her #AFridayIn adventure at the Grand Central Market — LA's largest and oldest open-air market. From spicy mango candies to tiny dried fish, horchata, green curry, and seemingly endless rows of vibrant, fresh produce — Kaitlin shared with us many of the gastronomic jewels that LA has to offer.

Next stop, cocktail hour!

If your idea of a successful happy hour includes bartenders in bow ties, sweeping city skylines, and fiery sunsets — then this week's #AFridayIn certainly did not disappoint. Kaitlin gave us a (virtual) taste of everything from local beers to cool cocktails, and ever the pro, she even enlisted a few friends to step in and help her as whiskey tasters.


If you missed this week's #AFridayIn live, catch up with Kaitlin's trip in the tweets below. To see the rest of GlobalPost's adventures, follow along on Twitter at @AFridayIn, or check out our series page here: #AFridayIn. [View the story "#AFridayIn the City of Angels" on Storify]

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