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Global Smurfs Day celebrated around the world (PHOTOS)


Fans dress as papa smurfs along the race route on July 2, 2011 during the first stage of the Tour de France in western France.


Joel Saget

Who knew that Smurfs had their own global day of celebration?

June 22nd marks Global Smurfs Day, with fans of the blue creatures that live is mushrooms showing their appreciation to the Belgian cartoonist Peyo who created the series.

Peyo (born Pierre Culliford) created the comics in 1958 called Les Schtroumpfs in their original French.

The celebrations, centred in Brussels, Belgium, come just days before the late Peyo's birthday on the 25th.

In Brussels, Peyo's daughter saw 28 Smurf ambassadors off to Paris where they - likely dressed as Smurfs - will make a goodwill tour of the city.

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Paris saw hundreds of small Smurf dolls tour the city on a boat down the Seine River.

London even got in the spirit with a concert by the band Right Said Fred leading a sing-a-long to the song "I'm too Smurfy."

Other Smurf-related hijinks took place from Sydney to Los Angeles to South Africa.

In LA, the star of the movie Smurfs 2, Neil Patrick Harris, will attend a 'Smurftastic family day' at the Grove, an outdoor shopping center.

The sequel will be released at the end of July.

Global Smurfs Day was started in 2011 and it looks like the blue-colored fun hasn't stopped yet.