Calgary flooding kills at least 3 in Alberta and roof crashes into bridge (UPDATE)

At least three people are dead as massive flooding kept an estimated 100,000 people from their homes Saturday and forced the evacuation of downtown Calgary, Alberta.

The flooding was so intense that houses have been swept away. Amateur footage from Tristan Zaba shows the roof of a house being carried through the Bragg Creek in Alberta. The roof then crashes into a bridge:

Floodwaters had also reached the roofs of chuck wagons at the city's famed Calgary Stampede grounds.

At the Saddledome arena, slated to host the Stampede in a matter of days, flooding had reached the 10th row of seats.

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the flooding triggered by torrential rain "stunning" and told The Associated Press he wasn't sure if things would get worse or better.

The bodies of two men were recovered Friday from the Highwood River near High River, about 40 miles south of Calgary, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

The body of a woman who went missing after slipping into floodwaters near Longview was also found Friday night, according to CBC News.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is planning to tour flood-damaged areas of his hometown while 600 troops are mobilizing to help and another 600 are on standby.

Calgary is a city of 1 million in the province of Alberta, but it’s just one of about 12 communities in the southern region on evacuation alert.

Nearly 10 inches of rain fell in the city in 48 hours Thursday and Friday, with more forecast in some areas.

Many schools and several major roads were closed, and there were reports of lifted railroad tracks throughout the area. Power outages affected hundreds of thousands.