France condemns xenophobic attack on Chinese students near Bordeaux


Two men taste the new 2012 Chateau Rayne-Vigneau Bordeaux vintage wine in Sauternes on April, 8, 2013.



France's interior minister condemned Sunday an attack on six Chinese students near Bordeaux, which he said was motivated by xenophobia.

Six Chinese students were injured after they were attacked by drunken men in the village of Hostens, about 25 miles south of Bordeaux.

The attack happened after one of the Chinese students, who was in France to study wine making, complained about the noise the men were making outside.

The men tried to break into the students' house after the complaint.

A female student was rushed to hospital after she was struck by a bottle in the face.

Two of the three attackers are now in police custody.

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Minister Manuel Valls' said that he "condemns very severely this xenophobic act, for which perpetrators will have to face justice."

Chinese bloggers were outraged by the attacks—but some denounced the victims, whom they said were children of wealthy officials.

According to Agence France Presse, the phenomenon of politicians sending their children abroad to study provokes widespread resentment in China, but is rarely discussed in the Chinese media.

The attack comes amid increasing reports of muggers targeting Chinese tourists in Paris.

A growing number of Chinese students and entrepreneurs have moved to the Bordeaux wine-making region to learn the craft in order to bring it back to China.