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Pirate Joe's in Canada Sued by Trader Joe's


Pirate Joe's Chalkboard

We all remember when the powerful record companies sued Napster for pirating music. But it turns out that pirating doesn't just happen with entertainment or treasure chests: Organic food is also a hot commodity for buccaneers.

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In Friday's Geo Quiz, we're looking for a Canadian city, where Mike Hallatt has opened up a store dedicated to reselling Trader Joe's popular products.

He buys them across the border in the US, and brings them back to Canada, where TJ's doesn't operate.

The city he's in is located on the Georgia Straits in the Northwest, and was first known as Gastown.

Now you can visit this city to be part of the burgeoning Canadian film industry, or if you're a Canadian looking for Trader Joe's products brought across the border by Mr. Hallatt.

The resale store is called, of course, Pirate Joe's.

Trader Joe's is suing him for abuse of their copyright, but that hasn't slowed Hallat down at all.

Mike Hallatt tells The World's Marco Werman he'll keep up his cross-border business despite the legal complications, and gives us the answer to the Geo Quiz.

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