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Boston parking spots sell for $560,000 at auction (VIDEO)


The John Hancock Tower sits in the heart of the Back Bay neighborhood on March 31, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.



For sale: two parking spots; adjoining front and back; fresh white paint; fence lined in prestigious Back Bay neighborhood of Boston; nearby utility pole included. Some weeding needed.

Asking price: $42,000.

Ridiculous, you say? You’re right, that’s far below market value. The stalls actually sold, at auction, for $560,000. Yes, you read that correctly. Six figures for two spots.

“It was a little more heated than I thought it would have been,” the woman who purchased the stalls, Lisa Blumenthal, told the Boston Globe.

Yeah. Well, when your house is valued at $5.8 million, you probably don’t mind spending an extra half-million for two more parking spots.

She already has three, but lives nearby and needed more room for guests and service vehicles.

The Internal Revenue Service hosted the auction after it seized the parking spots from a man who owed $600,000 in back taxes, CBS News reported.

“It’s like a diamond that comes to auction that you’ve never seen before; it’s a gem,” realtor Ken Tutunjian told CBS.

We suppose, if you love glistening blacktop.

You should also know that not everyone in Boston is apparently made of money. The average Boston home sells for a reasonable $313,000, according to BBC.

No word if that includes parking.

And, really, the final sale was a steal considering the record for a single space in the neighborhood is $300,000, sold at auction in 2009.

Of course, that one had yellow stripes.