Russia's Gorbachev hospitalized in Moscow


Soviet ex-president Mikhail Gorbachev speaks during a press conference in Moscow on August 17, 2011.



Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has been hospitalized in Moscow, spokesman Vladimir Polyakov told The Associated Press on Tuesday. 

A spokesman told Britain's Independent the 82-year-old was going in for "routine" treatements at a government hospital in a suburb of the capital. 

Gorbachev's health problems prevented him from attending former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral in April, said AP

No additional details were provided. 

Gorbachev oversaw, and is often blamed for, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. He now runs  The Gorbachev Foundation, an institute for political and economic study. 

In Russia, resentment over his leadership does not appear to have lessened with time. According to a May survey cited by the Independent, Russians consider him the worst leader of the 20th century.